Oshun Erzulie Voodoo Loa Veve love spell

A veve is a graphic symbol representing a voodoo spirit (loa)
represented in a ritual.
Each loa has its own veve that can be clearly assigned to it.

DE-Santeria High John Wurzel, Samen, Salze,

Gold Magnetsand verwendung im Saneria.Link:

EN-Santeria High John root, seeds, salts,

gold magnetic sand use in the Saneria. Link:

FR-Santeria High John racine, graines, sels,

utilisation du sable magnétique d’or dans la Saneria. Lien:

IT-Santeria High John root, semi, sali,

sabbia magnetica dorata da utilizzare nella Saneria.Link:

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6805 Oshun Voodoo Loa Veve love spell amulet

Before wearing the amulet for the first time, it should be energetically cleaned.
This is done with salt water and Voodoo Orisha Incense Oshun (Item No .: 1767)
Now you take 5 drops of Voodoo Orisha Oil Oshun (Art.No .: 3967)
and anoint the amulet all around with it.
After that, it’s important to have a personal relationship
to build your amulet,
so that it takes on your vibrations.

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FR-Art.Nr.:6805 Oshun Voodoo Loa Veve amulette de sort d’amour Lien:

EN-Art.Nr.:6805 Oshun  Voodoo Loa Veve love spell amulet Link:

DE-Art.Nr.:6805 Oshun Voodoo Loa Veve Liebeszauber Amulett Link:

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