Voodoo Santeria Devil Pod, Bat Head Root, Magnet powder, Gris Gris, Mojo Bag, New Orleans

Voodoo Santeria Devil Pod, Voodoo Bat Head Root, Voodoo Magic Magnet powder, Voodoo Gris Gris,
Voodoo Mojo Curio Bag, Voodoo New Orleans

Roots, seeds, herbs, primal power from the earth.
Not only in Voodoo, Voudou, Candomble
Roots have been in the witch tradition since the Stone Age
an integral part of all magic,

a constant companion of voodoo mambos, witches, druids and shamans.
Those seeking advice received from the old wise woman
a helping root for protection, love, success or health,
Roots were put together as powerful talismans
with other lucky charms in a magic bag Native American medicine bag
or carried with you as Gris-Gris, Mojo Curio Bag.

Whether to ward off misfortune, worries and illness
or to attract a happy relationship or financial wealth –
magical roots continue to play a role today
an essential role in all cultures.

Bless root:
Take the root in your left hand, on the side of the heart
and discuss with wishes or requests.
In this way, with the plant Deva, the plant spirit,
who lives and works in the root, made contact.
The now magically charged root
carry it with you in a magic bag.

Tip: the root with the right one
spread magic oils from MAGIC OF BRIGHID,
that increases the effect many times over!

The roots can also be smoked during appropriate rituals.

Vaudoue, Vaudou, Voodoo, Hoodoo, Candomble, Santeria Devil Pod,
Voodoo Bat Head Root, Voodoo Magic Magnet Powder, Voodoo Gris Gris, Voodoo Mojo Curio Bag, Voodoo New Orleans
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Voodoo Santeria Cubano Oils Magic of Brighid

Magic natural Eternal Oils, Perfume Sprays

DE-EN-FR-IT-Voodoo Santeria Devil Pod, Bat Head Root,
Voodoo Santeria magnet powder,
love spell, success spell Video

Voodoo Santeria Devil Pod, Bat Head Root,
Voodoo Santeria magnet powder,
love spell, success spell Video

DE-EN-FR-IT-Voodoo Santeria Devil Pod, Bat Head Root,
Voodoo Santeria magnet powder,
love spell Smartphone Video

Voodoo Santeria Devil Pod, Bat Head Root,
Voodoo Santeria magnet powder,
love spell Smartphone Video

EN-1627 Voodoo Lucky Hand Root
This botanical curiosity and rarity is used in Voodoo,
Santeria and Hoodoo are used and should be carried in a red bag
Keeping unhappiness away and attracting happiness.
This rare root is also said to favor its wearer in games of chance.
As an additional ingredient added to a mojo bag,
the Lucky Hand root is said to enhance the effect.
The Lucky Hand Root comes with a dark red velvet pouch. Content: 5g

FR-1627 Racine de main porte-bonheur vaudou
Racine de la main chanceuse. Cette curiosité et rareté botanique est utilisée dans le vaudou,
Santeria et Hoodoo sont utilisés et doivent être transportés dans un sac rouge
Éloigner le malheur et attirer le bonheur.
On dit aussi que cette racine rare favorise son porteur dans les jeux de hasard.
En tant qu’ingrédient supplémentaire ajouté à un sac mojo,
on dit que la racine Lucky Hand améliore l’effet.
La racine de la main chanceuse est livrée avec une pochette en velours rouge foncé. Contenu : 5g

IT-1627 Radice della mano fortunata Voodoo
Radice della mano fortunata. Questa curiosità e rarità botanica è usata nel Voodoo,
Santeria e Hoodoo sono usati e dovrebbero essere trasportati in una borsa rossa
Tenere lontana l’infelicità e attirare la felicità.
Si dice anche che questa rara radice favorisca chi la indossa nei giochi d’azzardo.
Come ingrediente aggiuntivo aggiunto a una borsa mojo,
si dice che la radice della mano fortunata aumenti l’effetto.
Il Lucky Hand Root viene fornito con un sacchetto di velluto rosso scuro. Contenuto: 5g

DE-1627 Voodoo Lucky Hand Root (Glückliche helfende Handwurzel)
Lucky Hand Root (Wurzel). Diese botanische Kuriosität und Rarität wird im Voodoo,
Santeria und Hoodoo verwendet und soll, in einem roten Beutel bei sich getragen,
Unglück fernhalten und Glück anziehen.
Auch im Glücksspiel soll diese seltene Wurzel seinen Träger begünstigen.
Als weitere Zutat einem Mojo Beutel zugefügt,
soll die Lucky Hand Wurzel die Wirkung verstärken.
Die Lucky Hand Wurzel wird inklusive dunkelrotem Samtbeutel geliefert. Inhalt: 5g Anderswelt-Import.eu

Voodoo Lucky Hand Root
This botanical curiosity and rarity is used in Voodoo Magic of Brighid

EN-DE-1629 Voodoo, Santeria Devil Pod, Bat Head Root,
Also called the devil’s capsule goat’s head, is used to ward off evil.
To do this, attach it over the front door,
similar to the manner of a Roman Janus or the Tibetan door demon.
Some carry it in a red pouch when surrounded by opponents,
to avert evil. Anderswelt-Import.eu

FR-DE-1629 Vaudou, Santeria, racine de tête de chauve-souris,
gousse de diable, (racine de tête de diable)
Aussi appelée tête de chèvre capsule du diable, est utilisée pour éloigner le mal.
Pour ce faire, fixez-le sur la porte d’entrée,
semblable à la manière d’un Janus romain ou du démon de porte tibétain.
Certains le portent dans une pochette rouge lorsqu’ils sont entourés d’adversaires,
pour éviter le mal.

IT-DE-1629 Voodoo, Santeria, radice della testa di pipistrello,
baccello del diavolo, (radice della testa del diavolo)
Chiamata anche capsula del diavolo testa di capra, è usata per allontanare il male.
Per fare ciò, attaccalo sopra la porta d’ingresso,
simile al modo di un Giano romano o del demone della porta tibetano.
Alcuni lo portano in una borsa rossa quando sono circondati da avversari,
per scongiurare il male.

DE-1629 Voodoo, Santeria, Bat Head Root, Devil Pod, (Teufelskopf Wurzel)
auch Teufelskapsel Ziegenkopf genannt, benutzt man um das Böse abzuwehren.
Zu diesem Zweck befestigen Sie es über der Haustüre,
ähnlich wie in der Art eines römischen Janus oder des tibetischen Türdämons.
Einige tragen es in einem roten Beutel, wenn sie von Gegnern umgeben sind, um das Böse abzuwenden.

Voodoo, Santeria Devil Pod, Bat Head Root, Voodoo seed, Magic of Brighid

EN-1625b Santeria, Voodoo Magnetic Sand Powder Black bag
Magnetic Powder Black attracts wealth and prosperity.
Magnetic powder is used to „feed“ the magnet stones,
to keep them alive. Put a pinch or two in the bag once a week,
in which the stones are kept. The powder can also be used in other rituals
to attract money and happiness. It can also be added in a mojo bag,
to increase its potency. Sprinkled on a horseshoe, it can bring back a partner who has left you.

FR-1625b Santeria, sac de poudre magnétique Voodoo noir avec 100g
La poudre magnétique noire attire la richesse et la prospérité.
La poudre magnétique est utilisée pour „nourrir“ les pierres magnétiques,
pour les garder en vie. Mettez une pincée ou deux dans le sac une fois par semaine,
dans lequel les pierres sont conservées. La poudre peut également être utilisée dans d’autres rituels
pour attirer l’argent et le bonheur. Il peut également être ajouté dans un sac mojo,
pour augmenter sa puissance. Saupoudré sur un fer à cheval,
il peut ramener un partenaire qui vous a quitté.

IT-1625b Santeria, Sacchetto di polvere magnetica Voodoo nero con 100g
Magnetic Powder Black attrae ricchezza e prosperità.
La polvere magnetica viene utilizzata per „nutrire“ le pietre magnetiche,
per mantenerli in vita. Metti un pizzico o due nella borsa una volta alla settimana,
in cui sono custodite le pietre. La polvere può essere utilizzata anche in altri rituali
per attirare denaro e felicità. Può anche essere aggiunto in una borsa mojo,
per aumentarne la potenza. Cosparso su un ferro di cavallo,
può riportare indietro un partner che ti ha lasciato.

DE-1625b Santeria, Voodoo Magnetpulver schwarz im Beutel 100g
Magnetic Powder Black zieht Reichtum und Wohlstand an.
Magnetisches Pulver wird verwendet, um die Magnetsteine zu „füttern“,
um sie am Leben zu erhalten. Einmal pro Woche kommen eine oder zwei Prisen in den Beutel,
in welchem die Steine aufbewahrt werden.
Das Pulver kann auch in anderen Ritualen verwendet werden um Geld und Glück anzuziehen.
Es kann auch in einem Mojo Beutel hinzugefügt werden,
um seine Potenz zu erhöhen. Auf ein Hufeisen gestreut,
kann es einen Partner zurückholen, der einen verlassen hat.

Santeria, Voodoo Magic Magnetic Powder Black bag Magic of Brighid

Voodoo Santeria Devil Pod, Bat Head Root,
Voodoo Santeria magnet powder, love spell, success spell.
EN-Santeria High John root,Blog Link:


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DE-Santeria High John Wurzel, Blog Link:


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New in the program soon.

Devil Eyes.
Turn Huayruro over and cross streaks of bad luck,
protect against evil spirits and misfortune.
Chango protective chains help to develop courage,
strength of soul and happiness.
(Caution! Not suitable for consumption.
The seeds contain the highly toxic Abrin.)

High John Root
also called John the Conqueror Root, is the most sought-after root in magic. Carry this root in a red pouch.
It is used to represent love, health, success, happiness, power,
to get quick money and luck while gambling.
So that a man might win a woman’s love,
should get some hair of the beloved,
put them in a red bag with a high john root,
and put it under his pillow.
Every morning the roots with natural Magic of Brighid Attraction oil,
or anoint the natural goddess Oshun oil.

How to use High John the conqueror root Video

How to use High John the conqueror root Video

Golden orgonite magnetite sand
Santeria, Voodoo, Wiccan, Gothic rituals
Successful spell, money spell, love spell Attract rituals like a magnet!
They are used in authentic vodoo ceremonies,
to worship the goddess Oshun.
It is a handcrafted powerful voodoo ritual magic powder
for all your mighty love spells.

Magic Salt Spell
In ancient times, salt was sacred to people,
and was considered the most powerful magical tool.
It was either extracted from the earth,
or withdrawn from the sea.

In magic it is synonymous with growth and decay,
Life and death, creation and destruction.
It also has one special connection with the feminine energy.
There are different ways to use magic salts.
So it becomes at home for augmentation of love, prosperity,
or for protection in the corners of the rooms,
in front of the door or on the
Window ledge strewn. You can also put it in your wallet
sprinkle, use for candle rituals, or in the workplace
Put in a decorative bowl unnoticed.
But be careful, the salts are not suitable for consumption
and can cause stains!
The salts are available in different colors:
Black for protection,
Red for love,
Blue for luck,
Green for money and success.

EN-1620k3 Black salt ritual instructions Link:
FR-1620k3 Sel noir Instructions rituelles. Lien:
IT-1620k3 Sale nero Istruzioni rituale Link:

DE-1620k3 Schwarzes Salz Ritual Anleitung Link:

Blue salt
is used against bad luck and spells.
Sprinkle the blue salt on the outside of your house
to protect against the evil eye and enemies.
Also red and green salt.
Sorry video in German language Witches cauldron recipes,
magic salt, protection salt, love salt, money salt,
Russian witch recipes witchtok

DE-Hexenkessel Rezepte, Zaubersalz, Schutzsalz, Liebessalz, Geldsalz Video

Black Voodo salt, Hexenkessel Rezepte, Zaubersalz, Schutzsalz, Liebessalz, Geldsalz Video

EN-Love Magnet „For Men“ Video

Voodoo Love Magnet For Men Video

EN-Voodoo Orishas Cuba story article Link:
FR-L’article de Voodoo Orishas Cuba Lien:
IT-Voodoo Orishas Articolo di storia di Cuba Link:
DE-Voodoo Orishas Kuba Geschichte Artikel Link:

Natural Magic Santería Oils, Glass Candles from Cuba.
Where orishas and saints merge.
Santería (Spanish, mostly translated as „Way of the Saints“)
is a syncretistic, African-American main religion in Cuba,
the their orishas (gods of the Santería) with Catholic saints
(Spanish santos) mixed.
Blessed by a Santeria priestess
Voodoo oils, glass candles from Cuba New
20 cm high, 6 cm wide and burn for approx. 96 – 100 hours.
The combustion is clean and free of soot. with instructions
( English, French, Italian and German )

EN-Voodoo Oshun Goddess Love spell oils, Instruction English Video

Voodoo Oshun Goddess Love spell oils, Instruction English Video

FR-Vaudoue Oshun Goddess Love sorts huiles, Instruction en francaise Video

Vaudoue Oshun Goddess Love sorts huiles, Instruction en francaise Video

IT-Voodoo Oshun Goddess Love spell oil, Istruzioni in Italiano Video

Voodoo Oshun Goddess Love spell oil, Istruzioni in Italiano Video

DE-Voodoo Goettin Oshun Liebeszauber Natürliche Öle Video

Voodoo Goettin Oshun Liebeszauber Natürliche Öle Video

Santeria High John root, seeds, salts, gold magnetic sand use in the Saneria.

7003k3 angelica root

This root is mainly used to protect against black magic
and used to drive out evil spirits.
It strengthens self-confidence and brings us back to our roots.
Angelica root is considered a powerful guardian and helps to give strength.
Many people use it to ward off evil
and bring happiness in health.
Sprinkle angelica root in every corner of the house,
to protect yourself from evil spells.
To give the magician a spell back
get up on Saturday before sunrise
and take some angelica root in each hand.
Hold it tight in your hands and speak
punish the one who did evil,
what is sent three times returns three times.
So be it.
Then toss the angelica root at your door.
If the culprit is unknown, throw it south.

7052k3 lovage root.
is smoked for love spells and to drive away evil spirits.
Lovage root is an attractive herb that can be used
to lure customers into a store.

7006k3 Mugwort
one of the oldest ritual plants in Europe.
Smoking with mugwort goes back to Celtic-Germanic times.
It was believed that mugwort drove away evil spirits.
At the summer solstice the herb is thrown into the fire,
to get rid of all evil.
Since the plant was sacred to the ancient Germans,
it was demonized as a witch’s herb in Christian times.
Today this powerful herb is used for protection
and smoked to promote clairvoyance.
Burn mugwort to improve mental abilities.
One of the herbs to which the spirits are most receptive.
Sleeping under the pillow awakens dreams
that reveal the future.

7013k3 orris root ( Jezebel root )
The smell of the smoked root magically attracts the opposite sex.
It also helps to resolve mental blockages.
Wear orris root to capture the love you are looking for.
Attracts the opposite sex and strengthens the love between
Love partners.

7028k3 patchouli
is an erotic fragrance,
and is just as attractive to women as it is to men,
therefore it is also ideally suited as an ingredient in love incenses.
Patchouli also promotes clairvoyance and future predictions.
Patchouli is used as an aphrodisiac and to attract love.

7032k3 sage
has a strong cleaning effect,
and was used earlier because of its antiseptic properties
used for smoking hospital rooms.
This plant was also said to
that it drives out demons and spirits,
and attracts happiness in all endeavors.
Sage also promotes meditation,
because he makes the thoughts calm and clear.
Sage protects against all misfortune.
It absorbs the misfortune before it can penetrate the house.

7037k3 vermouth
is smoked to protect and promote clairvoyance.
Burn vermouth to summon helpful spirits.
Very powerful against evil.
It can be carried in a bag or mixed with incense
and be burned to remove a curse or a hex.

7035k3 tonka beans
have a vanilla-like scent,
and act like balm on the soul.
They help with depression, anxiety, restlessness and nervousness.
Share a pair of tonka beans with a friend
to ensure harmony forever.
Carry it with you in a red flannel bag,
to achieve happiness and financial success.

7004k3 valerian root
is mainly smoked to drive out ghosts.
Valerian root is used to strengthen love spells.

7039k3 cinnamon cut (Cinnamomum cassiae)
spreads a spiritual atmosphere and promotes sexual passion.
It is equally effective for clairvoyance.
It also favors success because it keeps negative vibrations away.
Oshun Love Goddess Peaceful Home Wish Spell
Simple Love Spell with Honey and Cinnamon

7011k3 clove (Flores caryophylli)
is a traditional incense in Asia as an additive to incense sticks.
The smoke drives away evil spirits as well as insects
and creates a spiritual atmosphere.
Carnation is also sexually stimulating and is said to attract wealth.
Chew a piece of clove while thinking of your lover,
should make him grant all your wishes.
Rub some cloves on our 8051 Magic of Brighid glass candle Attraction
To do this, you still use the product number
3712g Magic Natural Essential Oil Attraction 10 ml
3712s Magic spray essential attraction 50 ml
or the 8152a Orisha glass candle Chango This includes the product number
3961 Orisha Chango blessed voodoo oil 10 ml
and 6714 Magic of Brighid fragrance amulet

Chango is the god of thunder and lightning. He stands for passion and energy,
Vitality, love and success,
to stop gossip and remove negative vibes,
burn cloves for incense,
while burning down a black cat candle.
Oshun Love Goddess Peaceful Home Wish Spell

7044k3 musk grains (Hibiscus Abelmoschus)
reinforce sexual energy,
dissolve inhibitions in this area and improve sensuality.
So it shouldn’t be missing in any love incense.
Musk grains are powerful, which will help you
to attract someone special.

7030k3 rose flowers (Flores Rosae centifoliae)
The fact that the rose is the flower of love remains undisputed.
So it creates loving affection and an erotic atmosphere even with incense.

EN-Watch a real Salem witch cast a love spell Video

Watch a real Salem witch cast a love spell Video

1200 original lava sand
from the island of gods and spirits,
as a symbol for mother earth, also suitable as fire sand.
Black volcanic sand symbolizes:
Destruction, intense energy, strength,
Death, rebirth, exile,
Secrets or hidden messages,
Defense, perishable magic, offensive magic,
often represents earth and fire at the same time.

DE-Voodoo Orisha Glaskerzen Link
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8158a Orisha Oshun glass candle GTIN (EAN) = 4250684581586
3967 Orisha Oshun Voodoo Oil 10 ml GTIN (EAN) = 4250684539679
Oshun rules over the sweet waters like streams, rivers and lakes.
She is the goddess of beauty, love, passion and sensuality,
as well as money and prosperity. Areas:
Love and romance, wealth, pregnancy,
Witchcraft or wishing spells, healing (especially emotional),
Beauty, weight loss.
Oshun is the queen of witches, of love,
and the protector of women.

8160a Orisha Yemaya glass candle GTIN (EAN) = 4250684581609
3969 Orisha Yemaya Voodoo Oil 10 ml GTIN (EAN) = 4250684539693
Yemaya is a „mother goddess“ and protects women and children.
As the goddess of water, she brings abundance, prosperity and happiness.
Areas: motherhood, children, wealth, happiness, health,
Fertility and protection

DE-Yemaya Voodoo Göttin Ritual Anleitung, Liebeszauber Bad Video
EN-Yemaya voodoo goddess ritual guide, love spell bath Video
FR-Guide rituel de déesse Yemaya vaudou, bain de sortilège d’amour Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t9JINz6vW74
IT-Guida rituale della dea voodoo Yemaya, bagno d’incantesimo d’amore Video https://youtu.be/jTgEJbElSr0

8159a Orisha Oya glass candle GTIN (EAN) = 4250684581593
3968 Orisha Oya Voodoo Oil 10 ml GTIN (EAN) = 4250684539686
Oya is known as a bitter warrior and protector of women.
She takes care of all the cemetery gates and ensures
that the dead stay where they belong.
Areas: protection and prevention of spooks on the part of fresh
Deceased, protection from enemies and damage spells.

DE-Oya Voodoo Altar Schutzzauber Anleitung Orishas Kuba Video
EN-Voodoo Oya Altar Protection Spells instructions Orishas Cuba Video
FR-Voodoo Autel Oya Protection Sorts instructions Orishas Cuba Video
IT-Voodoo Oya Altar Protection Incantesimi Istruzioni Orishas Cuba Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UvFBb9fFyWc

8153a Orisha Elegua glass candle GTIN (EAN) = 4250684581531
3962 Orisha Elegua Voodoo Oil 10 ml GTIN (EAN) = 4250684539624
Elegua is master of all roads, crossings, gates and doors,
and also of sorcery and cunning. Areas:
Closing and opening doors (physical and spiritual),
for happy coincidences, overcoming obstacles,
for good fortune and new paths.

DE-Voodoo Elegua Altar Ritual Anleitung Orishas Kuba Video
EN-Voodoo Elegua altar ritual guide Orishas Cuba Video
FR-Voodoo Guide rituel d’autel vaudou Elegua Orishas Cuba Video
IT-Voodoo Guida rituale dell’altare Elegua Orishas Cuba Video

8161 glass candle Orishas Seven African Powers GTIN (EAN) = 4250684581616
3970 Voodoo Orisha Oil Seven African Powers 10 ml GTIN (EAN) = 4250684539709
Seven African Powers refers to the seven orishas,
that we call on in times of need.
Often depicted with their pictures or symbols connected in a circle
are. The term „Seven African Powers“ can be found in various
Religions, including Santeria, Hoodoo, and Candomble.
The orishas that make up the seven African powers are:
Elegua, Yemaya, Oshun, Chango, Obatala, Oya and Ogun. Contents: 10 ml

11015 The little voodoo primer
The little voodoo primer. General brief information about Voodoo and Santeria.
Description of the most important Orishas and application of Orisha products.
Only available in German.
Available only in German language.

Available uniquement en langue allemande.
Disponibile solo in lingua tedesca.

3950 Florida water 100 ml on an alcohol basis with pure natural essential oils
Florida water has been in voodoo for generations
used as an integral part of a ritual.
After the rooms have been cleaned and smoked and then ventilated
Florida water is speckled in the corners and center of the room
to remove negative energies.
To lengthen the energization of a room, a small bowl is placed
with a mixture of sea salt, water and Florida water on it.
With grief, arguments, stress and a lack of momentum
can some Florida water be of great help?
to lighten the mood and clear your head again.
In Peru it is used according to ancient beliefs,
to attract money and happiness, or to keep children at night before bad dreams and to protect spirits.
A few drops in front of the front door of a store should increase sales.

3952 Vinegar of the 4 Thieves
Vinegar of the 4 thieves is used to drive away enemies and negative influences.
For protection, healing, cleaning, repelling, hexing and banishing.
Legend has it that this formula was used by a group of thieves
who made a living robbing houses during the Black Plague.
When they were finally captured
they were found to be incredibly healthy
and bought their pardon,
by sharing their secret to ward off the deadly disease.

Haus of Hoodoo: Jessyka Winston Wants To Teach The Truth About Vodou Video

Haus of Hoodoo: Jessyka Winston Wants To Teach The Truth About Vodou Video

the daughter of the first Voodoo Queen of New Orleans –

was known for their wild rituals in the swamps around New Orleans.
Today is at the place where the Voodoo Queen lived with her children,
a museum and a shop. Let your spirit haunt the house.

The True Story of Marie Laveau, Queen of New Orleans Voodoo Video

The True Story of Marie Laveau, Queen of New Orleans Voodoo Video

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Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau American Horror Story Coven Video

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Strega Amore Italiano, Subtitle English Video

EN-Witchcraft instructions for magic candles
and oils by Magic of Brighid Spells. Basic Video

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EN-English Brighid Spells. Playlist Brighid

For Fun Voodoo Funny Beer Commercial Video

For Fun Voodoo Funny Beer Commercial Video

Very Funny – beer voodoo commercial Video

Very Funny – beer voodoo commercial Video

RBB TV.DE-From tomorrow I’ll do Voodoo Our life
Insights into a mysterious religion Cuba Santeria.
For the first time, the film gives an insight
into ceremonies that have been kept secret until now
and presents a candomblé
and a Santeria priest and believers.German Video

From tomorrow I’ll do Voodoo Our life
Insights into a mysterious religion Cuba Santeria.

How to make Magical infused oils –
Witchcraft – Magical Crafting- witch oil –
love oil – prosperity Video

How to make Magical infused oils –
Witchcraft – Magical Crafting- witch oil –
love oil

ES-Santeria items boom in stores in Cuba
Oshun Dances at Trinifolk Closing Ceremony Trinidad, Cuba